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Naro's Comprehensive and Long Winded Elite Dangerous Mining Guide

8 months 2 weeks ago 8 months 2 weeks ago by Narokuu.
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Naro's Comprehensive and Long Winded Elite Dangerous Mining Guide #9532
Warning: This post is long winded but contains a plethora of information for Elite Dangerous and mining in the current game

After enjoying a few hours of gaming with Rusk, Alpha, Mata and Loki. Mata convinced me to scour the internet and come up with a game plan for making all that money in Elite Dangerous.

We decided on trying a mining crew, since the game has changed on how you mine, money that is made, and the ability (sorta) to share profits with fellow Wing mates.

Be advised a lot of this information was pulled from reddit posts, google searches, and a few other websites, it is researched information, along with my own details mixed together.

First of all, if you are new, or just returning to Elite dangerous, check out this Imgur Dump for a Huge amount of info, and bookmark it. because reading it a few times a month can really help. Kind of like a field manual.

After That here is a list of mining vessels, and their Shipyard builds and roughly the best case scenario mining profits possible. And some information about them.

Most ships in the game can do deep core mining, because there are only three non-negotiable criteria that the ship absolutely must meet to do the job:
At least one medium or larger hardpoint for a seismic charge launcher.
At least one small or larger hardpoint for an abrasion blaster.
At least five regular optional internal compartments - meaning military compartments do not count toward this total, because they can't hold the things you have to have.

Ships that have only five compartments available can do the job, but they have to forgo both a shield and a fuel scoop. Ships with six can choose either a shield or a fuel scoop; I recommend the shield. And of course if you have seven compartments, you can mount both a shield and a fuel scoop - and I recommend you do so. Ships with more compartments than that just have room to add in extra cargo spaces, to make money even more ridiculously quickly.

The items you absolutely must have in those five internal compartments to do deep core mining:
A prospector limpet controller to properly scan the asteroid in detail, so you know what's in it.
A collector limpet controller so limpets can collect the stuff after you pop the asteroids.
A refinery to convert the raw materials collected into actual tonnage of whatever it is you're collecting.
A cargo bay to hold your limpets (buy them at the station before you set out) and to hold the refined loot.
A detailed surface scanner to find hot spots in planetary rings.

If you're brand new, grind the crap out of then sidewinder you were given, do whatever missions you have to to save up 4 million credits, OR the possibility of tagging along with us in a combat zone / community even can net that in 1 night of grinding.

Before i continue here are a few links of very helpful website specific to mining/trading. i will add/remove/edit this post as needed and post updates at the end. This link shows galactic average of all commodities that can be bought, sold, mined and or pirated. BE WARNED THE GALACTIC AVERAGE IS NOT THE BEST PRICE, Meaning your average Void Opal or Low temperature diamonds (LTDs) can sell for 1.6 million each, but the Galactic average is around 290k. Use that link to find the systems that buy your commodity for then highest price, and try to sell them at that port, in that system. it makes your Dollar per hour higher.

After you have 4 million ish saved up, buy an Adder and Kit it out like this

Eight tons of cargo will get you plenty. If you fill your cargo bay once with eight tons of Void Opals, and sell them for 1.6 million per ton, that's about 12.8 million you've made in one run. If you end up getting Low Temperature Diamonds instead and sell them at around 793,000 credits per ton, you're looking at 6,344,000 per run - do it twice and you've got about 12.6 million.

That's more than enough to get you a Cobra III and set it up like this:

The Cobra III's 16 ton cargo bay will net you 25.6 million in a single load of Void Opals, or almost 12.7 million of Low Temperature Diamonds - do two runs of LTDs for almost 25.4 million.

That right there is enough to get you an Asp Explorer and set it up like so: (this is my current ship)

After a few runs with the AspX (best case scenario) that's enough to get you a Python and kit it out like so:

That Python has 160 tons of cargo space. That's 256 million in Void Opals or 128.8 million in Low Temperature Diamonds. Do that a few times and you can, if you really want, buy a Type 9, Type 10, Corvette, Anaconda, or Cutter and kit it out for mining.

This is the information i was able to gather and get off my brain in one sitting. hit me up in discord if you are interested in this. BUT first and FOREMOST. Know your ship, know your controls, and be the best you can be. doing this in a 2 or 3 or even 4 wing setup will require massive teamwork, some stealth, and game knowledge.

NOW that you have the hardware WHERE IS THE KNOWLEDGE??? I cannot type out the details of the intricacies the actual mining process, so i will leave it to the pro, Obsidian Ant

Be safe out there Commanders o7
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8 months 1 week ago
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Naro's Comprehensive and Long Winded Elite Dangerous Mining Guide #9533
Great write up sir! Exactly what is needed to get us on a good track /objective list going. I’ll outfit my viper accordingly and join in the mining ! Thanks again Naro!

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