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Endurance Mission - Operation Desert Arrow

4 months 3 days ago 4 months 3 days ago by Kocrachon.
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Endurance Mission - Operation Desert Arrow #9553
Operation Desert Arrow is the first series of steps into a new F99th mission design, Endurance/Dynamic missions. This style of mission will come with a lot of differences compared to our existing mission designs.

First, these missions are designed as Coop only (currently at least). Second, these missions are designed to enforce teamwork and are far more challenging. These missions cover entire maps and countries, so this means longer flight times, fuel management, and AAR. The entire Country is covered with SAMs, there is more frequent AI support spawning, and ground units will reinforce their losses if left unchecked. So teamwork will be needed with people to take out the SAMs, and CAP to protect them, making way for strike aircraft. The mission is meant to run for multiple days, so expect to fly during day and night time as well.

Things Currently Missing
: There are no helicopters. Because these missions take place over the entire country, a later version will include helicopters with missions that can then request support for CAS. Note: These helicopters will *also* have to expect longer flight times than normal right now. Likely with FARPs spread around to refuel at, rather than various spawn points.

Mission is not yet persistent. This is being worked on still. So a mission restart means starting from the begining. The long term goal is to have the data be stored in a database, so as each unit is killed and each mission is completed, this will be written to a database, so during a reload, only uncompleted missions and living units are spawned.

Now on to the Operation Desert Arrow specific information.

All BlueFor aircraft will take off out of one of two locations. Either at Incirlik AFB in Turkey, or South West of that on CSG-8.

There are 10 total tankers. Three groups of Three. Each of these groups contains one KC-135 MPRS, and two KC-135s, one at high altitude and fast, and one at low altitude and slow for A-10s. There is one additional KC-130 flying near the carrier group.

All mission data is provided in the F10 Menu. This will provide you a list of missions, giving you the coordinates of the mission, and let you know the status of the mission and remaining targets.

The briefing is currently minimal until I hammer out more details.

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