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New Hard Drive, Fresh Install of Everything

1 week 1 day ago 1 week 1 day ago by Zulu.
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New Hard Drive, Fresh Install of Everything #9554

I had thought I was so smart. I back-up, used file history, and copied pasted those treasured input files onto two external hard drives.
I can't find a reasonable way to restore these files AND the modifiers. In the options menu, I have red exclamation markers everywhere. It seems I've done everything but manually configuring...UGH.
I know a few of you have upgraded or have new systems as well. There has to be a straightforward, easy method without loosing another weekend of No Joy. Help.
I need cred's back on TeamSpeak, and with a new phone and hard drive Discord is yanking me around in circles too.
It's why I'm posting here.

Later guys....


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