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Hey Team,
I wanted to make a few comments and also ask a couple of questions regarding some of the newer missions we've been having on the Server.

1st, I wanted to applaud MAVERICK, the ideas and general format of these missions are great! I am thoroughly enjoying the specificity of having to dial in TACAN and Radio frequencies. I feel like these missions will only get better with time.

I am not sure who made the latest PG mission with the two Tarawa carriers, three Stennis carriers, and destroyers in the Karab bay. This mission has a lot of promise, but wanted to try to understand what the designer was trying to accomplish?

1) Red Air Defense: The Air Defense is definitely adequate. Last night we had 3 SU-25/SU-25T's working SEAD, multiple efforts of having Harrier's working close range SEAD. The idea, while somewhat realistic, can't be balanced with Blue moving in. The range of the SEAD munitions currently in DCS don't allow for standoff at all. Between the AAA, OCA, SA-XX sites, once you get in range of one, they have you in their range. I had an upward of 25 missiles shot at me. Granted I only died twice, but the fact of the matter was that if we had HARPOON's this would be perfect, with 58U/29MPU or Sidearms, this is almost to the level of impossible. I don't want the author/designer to think that I don't like the mission. I love the idea. As many of you know, with my prior military background, I can assure you that this is very close to how the US would defend it's borders as well.

2) Carriers: Just curious why they are immobilized in the bay. The support vessels are directly in front of the catapults, and the 1st and 3rd carriers are unapproachable for traps. The middle carrier is borderline, in order to make a normal carrier pattern, you have to go above the terrain and then dive back down below 2,000 ft. My suggestion would be to move them out of the bay, and make a race track pattern at a slow speed (around the northern island group?). Similarly, maybe space out the carriers? I can't wait until we can actually name them differently in the comms menu.

3)AI: Maybe I missed it, but it didn't feel like there was much going on outside of us getting shot up by Air Defense, we had 23's that bothered us a few times, but the mission felt bare if that makes sense.

Feel free to hit me up offline or online for any feedback! I'm super busy with work (aviation never stops), but I try to fly AT LEAST every other day.

Wayne "Thug" Lemke

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