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Red Flag Rumble AAR and thoughts
Took me a full 8 minutes to overcome the bewilderment of discovering a forum post that I or another admin did not start. Awesome. And an opportunity to use the "thank you" thing now that we're back on a Kunena forum. RFR was a damn good time, as I fully expected. And you did a bang up job with the...
Posted 3 months 3 weeks ago
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In the interest of full transparency, I want to try to give a brief explanation of the circumstances surrounding Maverick’s decision to part ways with F99th. He posted a letter in the F99th-only general section of the Discord this morning and gave his reasons for the decision, among them a belief...

Posted 4 months 4 days ago
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New Member Application Intro
Yeah that's better. Fixed version below, also added a bit about "we can choose to ignore this process if we want": Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Fighting 99th Air Wing! We are a group based around flying simulation-grade combat aircraft in DCS: World as well as other similar genre...
Posted 4 months 2 weeks ago
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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Fighting 99th Air Wing! We are a group based around flying simulation-grade combat aircraft in DCS: World as well as other similar genre video games (ArmA, Il2: BoX, etc.). Even in a small community like that surrounding a niche product like DCS,...

Posted 5 months 5 hours ago
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Fighters of 99th and Friends: As you well know, we have hosted 3 dedicated DCS servers for a long time. Tracer built us our first server, then a second for WWII, and then Kocrachon figured out how to make DCS work with AWS and spun up one of them for our benefit. Grateful as we are for all this...

Posted 5 months 2 weeks ago
Hits: 98
F99th F-14 Modex 204
Squadron Discussion

Hey all, This is my first foray in to aircraft skinning in at least a year so I kept it simple, but I wanted to start by laying a foundation that we could all make use of. The skin is based on the "VF-103 Last Flight" skin, essentially only the modex, tail art, pilot/RIO names, and helmets are...

Posted 6 months 4 weeks ago
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I had to resign as president of a condo association once; printed out the nixon resignation letter, scratched off nixon's name and wrote mine in. :) I missed this nearly 2 years ago, found it now, had a very good laugh. That's awesome.

Posted 7 months 1 week ago
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As many of you know, we have a longstanding tradition of inviting anyone who makes it to the rank of Lt. Col. to join our administration and today our reigning Pilot of the Year crossed that threshold. Squid has always been our F99th nice guy; he wouldn't admit it but he's just a better person...

Posted 7 months 1 week ago
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July 2019 Promotions

Promotion time! Yes, we're finally doing it. Let's just gloss over how obscenely long it's been since the last round and get right to the good stuff, shall we? Lt. Col to Col.: Kocrachon Vampyre Maj. to Lt. Col.: Squid Capt. to Maj.: LokiV7 PO1Ruia Ticman 1st Lt. to Capt.: Esonub Fail2launch JAG28 Misi Zergburger 2nd...

Posted 7 months 1 week ago
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July 2019 Promotions
General Admin

See Google Doc here:

Posted 7 months 1 week ago
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