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The Fighting 99th Air Wing

Air : Land : Sea : Fight!

Alert 5

Azerbaijan said to be interested in acquiring SOM cruise missile

An exclusive report by says Azerbaijan is interested in acquiring the SOM cruise missile from Turkey. By Noblemouse (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via...

Turkey to take delivery of S-400 in 2019

Turkey’s Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli told parliament’s Planning and Budget Committee that the first S-400 air defense missile system will be delivered to the country...

New taxiway for Singapore Airshow 2018

A new taxiway has been built at Changi airport for the upcoming Singapore Airshow next year. Previously, aircraft being exhibited at the show will land...

Saudi Arabia buying $7 billion worth of smart bombs from Boeing, Raytheon

Anonymous sources told Reuters that Saudi Arabia has decided to buy $7 billion worth of precision guided munitions from Boeing and Raytheon. Public Domain, Link...

BrahMos test-fired from Su-30MKI for first time

After much delays, the air-launched version of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was finally launched from a Indian Air Force Su-30MKI on Nov. 22.

AI helps researchers identify Chinese SAM sites in 42 minutes

A team from the Center for Geospatial Intelligence, at the University of Missouri have came up with deep learning algorithms that can help imagery analysts...

First B-52H Conventional Rotary Launcher ready for combat

B-52 Conventional Rotary Launchers (CRL) were flown out of Barksdale Air Force Base by a C-5M on Nov. 6 to be used for combat overseas....

Pentagon spending $143 million to upgrade Jordanian airbase

The latest National Defense Authorization Act reveals that the Pentagon is spending $143 million to upgrade Muwaffaq Salti Air Base in Jordan. By Caycee Cook,...

Philippine Navy commissions first TC-90 into service

The Philippine Navy commissioned the first of five TC-90s into service with an activation and blessing ceremony in Sangley Point, Cavite City on Nov. 21....

Croatia leaning towards Swedish Gripens or Israeli F-16s

A report by Croatian daily newspaper Večernji list says the Swedish Gripen and Israeli F-16 has emerged as the top contenders to replace the country’s...


Mudspike 3rd Annual DCS Fall Fly-In

It’s been a year since our last Mudspike DCS Fall Fly-In. Although we might be stretching the definition of Fall a little, we will be...

MedCenter Air – Hurricane Season 2017

This hurricane season has not been kind to Central America, the Gulf of Mexico region, or the Caribbean. MedCenter Air crews, along with hundreds of...

3rd Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight – 2017

Welcome again to our annual Mudspike Christmas Flight! For our third year running, we will deliver packages, hopes, (beverages), and spread good will across the...

VKB-Sim Gunfighter (Pro) Bundle Review

Disclosure: Images that appear in this article were taken from one of three sources: website/store marketing materials, an Imgur album that rrohde (maintainer of

MonsterTech Joystick/HOTAS Table Mounts Review

Mudspike Contributor @PaulRix shares his impressions of his recently acquired MonsterTech Table Brackets. Earlier this year, I upgraded my HOTAS from a Saitek X55 to...

VPC Mongoos T-50 Review

Mudspike Contributor Jörgen “Troll” Toll shares his impressions of his recently acquired VPC Mongoos T-50 joystick. A newcomer in the PC flight simulator hardware market,...

Heatblur F-14A+/B Flight Model – Insiders Report

Guest contributor Nicholas Pirnia, working as a tester with Heatblur, contributes an article on the F-14A+/B Flight Model coming to Heatblur’s DCS: F-14A+/B Tomcat. All images (except...

In Anticipation of the DCS:F-14 Tomcat

Guest contributors @Near_Blind and @Fridge provide a Mudspike introduction to upcoming DCS: F-14 Tomcat module from Heatblur Simulations. Introduction Winter is coming. Yes. Yes! I...

Ultrawings VR

Grab your helmet (literally virtually!), strap in, and lets go for a ride across the vibrant Ultrawings VR archipelago with this Oculus Rift flying game…...

Iron Flag – 4th of July Sortie

For this Independence Day special we look at one of the missions in Baltic Dragon’s upcoming A-10C campaign. We here at Mudspike are big fans...

Support the 99th

All proceeds support the Fighting 99th Dedicated DCS server, TeamSpeak, and website.

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1stfs Fighting Griffins2fs the doctorsS77th 3rd AS v34th AS 6fs the jokers 33rd as small

The fighting 99th boasts several specialized sub squadrons also known as 'elements'. These are typically 4 person teams who have worked together for extended periods of time with each other and their chosen air frames. They have their own aircraft skins which are then added to our missions. Alot of work goes into creating these skins and ensuring every skin has a slot in every mission and as such only dedicated & active members will receive such honors.

Any member wishing to join an existing element should contact the flight lead (position 1) located in the Squadron Roster.

Any member wishing to start their own flight element should contact a squadron admin or post a new thread in the forums. 

33rd as small

 33rd Attack Squadron : The Dirty 33rd

"We are skilled in many, but don't claim any one... Just what it takes to get it done"

Unlike many squadrons claiming a particular type of airframe, we try to stay diverse. Always ready to serve in any capacity: CAP, CAS, Transport, etc.The Dingoe usually kills by going straight for the throat, but will also adapt it's hunting tactics to suit different circumstances. The 33rd operates in a similar manner. We are always ready for a head on "balls to the wall" fight or a strategic "war of attrition". Either way, we play to win...and enjoy ourselves while we are at it. Our ranks consist of Crew Chiefs, Truck Drivers, Pilots, and more. All of which tend to have a dark and twisted sense of humor... hence the name "The Dirty 33rd."


F99th-33rd_Corn #70, F99th-33rd_Moose #88, F99th-33rd_Falcon15E #34, F99th-33rd_Mohawk #59, F99th-33rd_NastyNate #12, F99th-33rd_Kraut #76, F99th-33rd_aviator #21, F99th-33rd_Kaide #87, F99th-33rd_AmesKahn #41, F99th-33rd_Tricker #55, F99th-33rd_Raptor #69




33rd 1.Still003 33rd 2.Still001

33rd a10x2

 33rd Heuybackground

1stfs Fighting Griffins

1st Fighter Squadron

The Fighting Griffins




The Fighting Griffins of the 99th Air Wing are a multirole squadron focusing on asymmetric warfare and Combat Air Patrol (CAP) sorties. We train primarily to perform unconventional disruptive strikes and provide top notch combat air patrol support missions.

Send applications to JINX. Pilot selection will be based on attitude, attendance and skill in that order.

(Consider the End)


9th agrs gray bg resized


9th Aggressor Squadron


The Snipers are the Red Air squadron of the F99th. We support a wide range of aircraft, including the Mirage, F-15, Su-27, Su-25, and others. We mainly fly Red (but sometimes Blue!) Air on the F99th Dedicated Server in addition to out near-daily training flights and weekly Large Force Excercises (LFEs). The Snipers are also capable of training with and against our friends in and out of the F99th. If you need a training buddy, a flight of MiGs to shoot at, or want your airbase bombed with nuclear weapons, you need a Sniper!


Interested in joining? Flying with us? Even better, flying against us!? Contact Sweeper on Teamspeak, in-game, or on the website you're viewing.


2fs the doctors v2

2nd Fighter Squadron

"The Doctors"


Motto: "Second to none."


"The Doctors" squadron is an F-15C-based group which prides itself on being the premier air-to-air combat oriented group of Fighting 99th. We strive for total air dominance by conducting ourselves with the precision and professionalism of a surgeon in the operating room. If you've got a MiG problem look no further than "The Doctors," we'll get you stitched right up!


2nd FS "The Doctors"


Contact a a 2nd FS squadron member for information on recruitment policy and process.


S77th 3rd AS v3

3rd Attack Squadron

The Nightriders
"Fear the darkness"


A specialized group of Fighting 99th members who have honed their skills both with their aircraft and their squad mates. Further specializing in night time attack missions, close air support, pin point bombing, cluster bombing, bunker busting, hawg capping and generally showing the enemy what the inside of a can-o-whoop-ass looks like. 


(it looks like this)


You may download this skin here.