DCS F-18C Custom Counter Measures

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DCS F-18C Custom Counter Measures


Post by Revelation » 11 Jun 2018, 19:02

Hey All,

Wanted to share a couple of lua edits I made in case anyone finds the information relevant or handy.

The first one was modifying the default counter measure program settings so that I did not have to adjust them every time I jumped into a new aircraft. For this you will need to locate the CMDS_ALE47.lua file found here: C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\TEWS\device. (obviously you need to adjust the location to match your DCS install)

You also want to use Notepad++ to edit these files; DO NOT USE Notepad from MS. Notepad++ will also need to be opened in Admin Mode for it to save the edits.

Here's an example of the two that I edited. What this allows is for you to adjust the default settings to match your preference for MANUAL mode. There are AUTO presets to adjust the auto mode as well if you fly with Semi-Auto or Auto enabled.

-- Default manual presets
-- MAN 1
programs[ProgramNames.MAN_1] = {}
programs[ProgramNames.MAN_1]["chaff"] = 1
programs[ProgramNames.MAN_1]["flare"] = 1
programs[ProgramNames.MAN_1]["intv"] = 0.75
programs[ProgramNames.MAN_1]["cycle"] = 5

-- MAN 5 - Chaff single
programs[ProgramNames.MAN_5] = {}
programs[ProgramNames.MAN_5]["chaff"] = 0
programs[ProgramNames.MAN_5]["flare"] = 1
programs[ProgramNames.MAN_5]["intv"] = 0.75
programs[ProgramNames.MAN_5]["cycle"] = 3

So all you have to do is change the number to match how many of each you want it to disperse. You can adjust the repetition (cycle) and the interval. The way Manual mode works is FORWARD key press will activate whichever manual program is selected and AFT will always disperse program 5. You cannot leave a line blank; you need to put a 0 if you want it to not disperse an item or repeat. leaving a line blank will cause your program to revert to the original default settings.

Another change I made is to the RWR....

So I got tired of seeing "29" represent 27's and 33's; so I decided to fix it. Under the same folder location is RWR_ALR67.lua where you can edit just a couple of lines:

Change the "29" to "27" and "33" respectively. Now a Su-27 will show up as "27" and a Su-33 will show up as "33" on your RWR.

{Su_27_, "29"},
{Su_33_, "29"},

{Su_27_, "27"},
{Su_33_, "33"},

These are small, little, changes but I had found them to be useful - especially for the counter measures previously mentioned.

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Re: DCS F-18C Custom Counter Measures


Post by pyromaniac4002 » 11 Jun 2018, 21:39

Beautiful! Exactly what the ALE-47 needed to be a worthwhile instrument. It took about 3 flights of reprogramming my whole thing through those clumsy DDI buttons before I totally abandoned it in favor of bypass mode. Thank you so, so much!

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