How to Appeal a Ban

Got Banned? Post here to appeal.
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How to Appeal a Ban


Post by pyromaniac4002 » 28 May 2017, 04:15

All in good fun of course, but chances are when people get banned on the F99th DCS server, they've earned it one way or another. That being said, we try to be reasonable people and in many cases we wouldn't deny anyone a second chance if they wanted it. Or a second second chance.

If you're willing to give it another go and operate within the confines of "friendly yet competitive" sportsmanship, create a new topic in this forum with your DCS in-game name as the subject. In the body of your post, please include the date and time when you were banned (to the best of your ability) and a brief summary of the circumstances of your ban and why you think it should be reconsidered or how you will adjust your playstyle to avoid ban-worthy situations in the future. For example:
Subject: F99th-pyromaniac4002 #24

5/24/2017 at ~12:58 CT

I parked a Red T-90 in Tracerfacer's favorite Blue A-10C spot at Nellis so every time he would try to spawn in he got shot in the face with a 125 mm cannon. I did it for the lulz.

But now I want to get back in the server and participate in and enjoy the awesome environment it offers, so I've decided to transfer my Combined Arms serial number to a charity of Tracerfacer's choice and promise to never do anything like that again.
If it's halfway reasonable to do so, we'll be happy to give you another shot. We're all here to have fun, just not at the unreasonable expense of others.


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