Poor performance & a possible remedy: RAID

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Poor performance & a possible remedy: RAID


Post by Zulu 1 » 23 Feb 2017, 16:02

So for weeks I have been wondering why my system, or DCS is running so poorly.

After getting a new router from my ISP I had hoped things would run more smoothly, and it did, but just marginally.
My system would still crash with numerous freezing of the screen and or the black DCS splash screen would pop in and out.

I fooled around with graphic sethings to a point where the visuals just sucked...

Then I figured out that my RAID configuration had somehow been "downgraded". The performance settings where not correct, and caching to the wrong discs. I had such an improved outcome that I managed to set my graphics to much higher settings and the system ran smoothly.

Hope this helps for some if you with similar issues.


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Re: Poor performance & a possible remedy: RAID


Post by runny » 24 Feb 2017, 05:48

Thanks for posting this, hopefully it helps someone out.

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