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Video settings


Post by Horvald » 02 Jul 2017, 18:38

Gooooooood afternoon gents! Need a little assistance with video setting thoughts/recommendations. End of last year I built this rig in order to crush DCS (GTX 1080, 32 Gigs...etc.). Since the last two patches which brought us some new video settings I experienced a drop in frames. All my settings were still the same but it seemed the frames to drop significantly. this led me to experiment with in game video settings and Nvidia settings. I'm somewhat of a stickler for having the highest possible video settings and have not been satisfied with any of the settings I have changed so far. It seems that no matter what settings I choose.(Either the drop in frames with higher settings or lower settings with higher frames (not looking that great in my mind) nothing matches up to when I first installed DCS and set my initial video settings. I know that they are making graphical improvements etc. with each patch and that my initial settings probably more taxing now but just made me curious as to what you guys use for settings or what you think is important when it comes to video quality for DCS (even other games).

Questions/ recommendations:
1. What do you gents set for your Nvidia (or other video controller) 3D Settings? Application Controlled or Advanced 3D Settings
2. Since the last couple of patches have you changed your video settings to compensate for drop in frames (other reasons)?
3. Any tricks that you use to get higher settings without a significant drop in frames?
4. PhysX settings GPU or CPU?
5. Any types of video settings to stay away from ( MSAA, vert. Sync etc.)? why do you stay away from these?

Sorry for the rant or if this already covered somewhere.

thanks in advance,
Horvald (Mike)

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