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Alert 5

USAF says it requires 74 additional combat squadrons

U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and chief of staff Gen. David Goldfein has unveiled an initiative, titled “The Air Force We Need,” on Sept....

Netherlands signs LOA to upgrade 28 AH-64Ds

The U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced on Sept. 14 that its Principal Director for Security Assistance Ms. Michèle Hizon and State Secretary of Defence,...

JS Kaga carried out anti-submarine drills with JS Kuroshio in South China Sea

According to Ashahi Shimbu, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter destroyer JS Kaga practice hunting for submarine in the South China Sea with Oyashio-class SSK JS...

Interview with Boom Supersonic’s chief test pilot

Devin Coldewey from Techcrunch had a chance to speak to Boom Supersonic’s chief test pilot William “Doc” Shoemaker. Shoemaker will be the first person to...

Investigators say defective main rotor mast caused MUH-1 to crash

A team of civilian, government and military experts has tentatively concluded that the cause of a MUH-1 crash in July was due to defects with...

Watch all seven episodes of “Taiwan’s Elite Warriors: Fighter Pilots”

A documentary produced by the National Geographic Channel featuring students undergoing pilot training in the Republic of China Air Force is now available online on...

India carried out successful consecutive test-firing of its indigenous MPATGM

India successfully test-fired its Man Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM) on Sept. 15 and repeated the feat one day later at the Ahmednagar range. Photo:...

Switzerland plans to retire 27 F-5s this year

The Swiss military has indicated of its desire to retire 27 Northrop F-5s from service. Four aircraft have already been donated to museums. By Myself...

French carrier Charles de Gaulle out of dry dock following midlife upgrade and refit

French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is out of dry dock since the commence of a midlife upgrade and refit that started in December 2016....


5 Years in Review: Building the AH-64D for ArmA

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years already; time has just flown by and a project that consumed mine and Nodunit’s time for almost...

Hornet Love = Bush Love

The verdict is in – the DCS Hornet is insanely fun – might you be a backcountry aviator in fighter pilot clothing? It’s the flying…...

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Early Access Preview

Guest writer @Chuck_Owl gives us a great preliminary look at some of the features of the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet which is entering Early Access… The...

ARMA 3 – Tanks

The recently released Tanks DLC for ARMA 3 provides armor enthusiasts with some new assets to explore while expanding the core game for all… As...

Flight Factor A320 Ultimate

One of our resident real world Airbus A320 pilots takes the recently released Flight Factor A320 Ultimate for a test flight, wringing it out in...

Read It / Do It #01: North American X-15

Take a ride in a marvel of aerospace engineering that helped pave the road to space with the hypersonic North American X-15 rocket powered research...

M2000C Red Flag Campaign by Baltic Dragon

Introduction Baltic Dragon. If you fly single player campaigns in DCS World, by now you must surely know this name. He has become a prolific,...

ARMA 3 – Prologue & The East Wind

We take a look at the full ARMA 3 campaign that some fans may have overlooked as they dove straight into playing in the ARMA...

CIVA INS Navigation Tutorial

Mudspike Contributor Casper ‘TheAlmightySnark’ de Wit first added this excellent CIVA INS Navigation Guide for X-Plane in our forums. It was so good as reference...

Mudspike 3rd Annual DCS Fall Fly-In

It’s been a year since our last Mudspike DCS Fall Fly-In. Although we might be stretching the definition of Fall a little, we will be...

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