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The Fighting 99th Air Wing

Air : Land : Sea : Fight!

Alert 5

First fighters, now India wants to land cargo planes on expressway

The Indian Air Force is planning its third road runway exercise on a stretch of Agra-Lucknow Expressway this October. Unlikely the past two exercises, this...

Macron has offered to donate 31 Jaguars to India

French daily Le Point has confirmed that President Emmanuel Macron intends to donate 31 ex-French Air Force Jaguar fighters to India. By DoD photo by:...

Indonesia plans to buy 11 Su-35s, looking at Chinese drones

Indonesia’s Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu told reporters after a cabinet meeting on military procurement that Jakarta plans to buy 11 Su-35 fighters. By Dmitry Terekhov...

B-52 testers complete leaflet bomb drops

The 419th Flight Test Squadron at Edwards Air Force Base recently validated the ability to drop the PDU-5/B leaflet bomb from the B-52 bomber. U.S....

550th Fighter Squadron activated to train F-15C pilots

The Detachment 2, 56th Operations Group at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, Oregon has been activated as the 550th Fighter Squadron on Jul. 21. Its...

German Tiger attack helicopter crash in Mali

Two U.N. Peacekeepers from Germany were killed when their Tiger attack helicopter crash 70 km north of Gao, Mali on Jul. 26. The rotorcraft was...

Rheinmetall booked two Skyguard contracts

Rheinmetall has recently secured two important contracts for its Skyguard air defense systems, one of which is a new customer nation. By 玄史生 [CC BY-SA...

Saudi Arabia taking a look at Scorpion

During its second quarter results call, Textron AirLand revealed that Saudi Arabia is in initial talks to buy the company’s Scorpion light attack aircraft. Photo:...

Russia’s stealthy UAV appears

An presentation slide on Russia’s current research and development work has unveiled a photo of a stealthy unmanned aerial vehicle dubbed Hunter-B Sources unknown

Software fix for EMALS validated by U.S. Navy

A software fix for the U.S. Navy’s Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) has been validated by the service. It was found during testing that the...


Ultrawings VR

Grab your helmet (literally virtually!), strap in, and lets go for a ride across the vibrant Ultrawings VR archipelago with this Oculus Rift flying game…...

Iron Flag – 4th of July Sortie

For this Independence Day special we look at one of the missions in Baltic Dragon’s upcoming A-10C campaign. We here at Mudspike are big fans...

A2: Eagle Wing

We take a look back at the bonus Arma 2 campaign: Eagle Wing – one of the most immersive and well constructed series of missions...

DCS World – Barriers to Entry?? (Myth Busted!)

A flight sim veteran attempts to take a look at DCS World from a newcomer’s perspective, and finds a surprising amount of gameplay… Back to...

DreamFoil Bell 407 Updated for X-Plane 11

Guest Contributor Eric “smokinhole” Anderson takes a look at the newly updated DreamFoil Bell 407 for X-Plane 11 and gives us his thoughts and observations...

Drzewiecki Washington XP

The recently released Drzewiecki Washington XP scenery for X-Plane is a superbly detailed package that brings back fond memories for this author. Washington National Airport (KDCA)...

Preview of DCS: Normandy 1944 and WWII Assets Pack

On April 28th, Eagle Dynamics opened Early Access for DCS: Normandy 1944, their latest terrain expansion for DCS World that covers the Normandy region of France,...

VSkyLabs Aeropro EuroFOX

We take a look at the intriguing VSkyLabs EuroFOX light-sport aircraft (LSA) for X-Plane 10/11… Simply beautiful The EuroFOX for X-Plane is modeled after the...

DCS: Argo

We take a look at a soon-to-be-released DCS World campaign featuring the UH-1H where you assume the role of a Hellenic Army Aviation pilot flying...

X-Crafts E-Jets

For those looking for a nice regional jet size aircraft for X-Plane, X-Crafts has you covered with their Embraer E175 and E195 narrow body, medium...

Support the 99th

All proceeds support the Fighting 99th Dedicated DCS server, TeamSpeak, and website.



Who are we looking for?

The great thing about DCS is that it can cater to all types of gamers from the teamworkers to the lone wolves, and from the arcade casual to the mil-sim serious players. When it comes to recruiting, we are not only looking for people we enjoy playing with, we look for people who would enjoy being with us. If we think that you'd be better served in a different squadron we will tell you so. After all, there are many different squadrons in DCS each catering to a specialized niche. Some key characteristics of a good F99th member are as follows:



A squadron is a team, and if you want to be in the F99th you should want to work as team. Getting your wingman a kill should be as important to you as unleashing fury on the enemy yourself. Working as one should be rewarding to you.


Respectful, Good-Natured, and Mature-

The fun we have is a direct testament to the quality of our pilots. We do our best to keep out people with a chip on their shoulder or who have problems with self-control or whining.


Motivated to Helping the Group-

Our members all improve our gameplay and our squadron experiences in their own way. This can be as simple as helping new pilots to creating videos and graphics, or even by advancing your flight element; but if you have no intention of contributing anything then you won't be considered a highly valued member to us. As the old saying goes: you get out what you put in.


Long Term Membership-

We don't want to have new pilots that are gone again in a month. Although we are understanding that real life takes precedence over the squadron we also purge the roster of people who we believe are 'gone'. New members who miss checking the website for days on end are not sending us good signals.



Skill is not a requirement. A unskilled pilot can still have fun with us. We have some very gifted teachers in our squadron who can teach you anything you need. Wingman teams are also meant to accelerate the learning process. That said, we aren't going to necessarily walk you though every key-bind you'll need.


Recruitment Restrictions

-Must have teamspeak3 installed and own a working microphone

-Must have DCS: World installed

-Must have discord installed

-Must speak English fluently and clearly

-Must not be in another DCS squadron

-Must be 21 years of age or older *


*Pilots under the age of 21 may express intent to join using the same application. However, an added prerequisite is that the pilot must already be known to the squadron as a 'regular' as we want more time to get to know younger pilots. After expressing intent to join, we will acknowledge it and answer as timely as possible, but decisions may take longer to make.

Recruitment Process

If you have studied who we are and what we are about and you believe that we could mutually benefit from your membership, then you should apply for membership by clicking the link below. 





After your application is submitted, we will want to play with you in-game and talk to you in teamspeak. This is not a formal interview but rather to spend a bit of time with you to get to know you better. You will be notified of our decision as soon as we make it. If you're already a known pilot on our server, we will make a decision without regard to the formal policy. 


If your application is accepted, you will join the squadron as a 2nd Lieutenant. You will be asked to adjust your teamspeak and in-game name to match our format, and admins will grant membership permissions to the website and teamspeak. Additionally, you will be invited to our private discord server.


If your application is declined, you will have to wait a year before submitting another application. We only decline applications because we didn't think the individual was a good fit with us and would most likely be better served in a different squadron.